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lg lhb975 manual

CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC WARNING: Do not install this equipment in a SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK) NO confi ned space such as a book case or similar unit. To obtain LG Electronics USA, Inc.Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or IMPORTANT SAFETY table specifi ed by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus.Preparation Component Video. Base Base Step 2 Screw. Prepare screws and brackets supplied. 1. Attach the wall bracket to the wall with screws as shown in the illustration below. Each speaker wire is color-coded. Put the receiving the signal of the unit (Wireless Receiver and main unit) away from wireless transmitter. Note that the receiver). To solve the problem, turn off the the TV’s remote control when this unit and LG player and then turn it on again.Connect the supplied antenna for listening to the radio. 1. Press HOME ( Antenna Connection 2. IN connection external device You can enjoy the sound from your portable audio player through the speakers of this system. Connect the headphones (or line out ) jack AUX Connection of the portable audio player into the PORT. IN socket of this unit. By connecting the unit to a broadband home network, you have access to services such LAN 1 as software updates, Home Link, BD-LIVE. Player Access Point or Wireless Router. You can check the space of the USB device on the screen. However, for BD-LIVE and Audio CD recording, only FAT16 and FAT32 formats are supported.You can select a suitable sound mode.AVCHD To pause playback To display the disc menu Press X (PAUSE) during playback. The menu screen may be displayed fi rst after Press B (PLAY) to resume playback.To stop a slide show You can view photo fi les using this player. Press x (STOP) while slide show. 1. Press HOME ( To pause a slide show Press X (PAUSE) while slide show. Devices that you can select may diff er depending on the location of the photo fi le you are displaying in full screen.http://www.hotelsinratnagiri.com/userfiles/itronix-gobook-ii-ix260-user-manual.xml

The player can play Audio CDs and music fi les Photo location Available Device. Or a menu for the fi le type selection will appear. You can enjoy the sound with your iPod. For details about iPod, refer to the iPod’s User Guide. Press CLEAR again. Then all the saved stations are deleted.Refer to sharing movie, music and photo fi les stored pages 44-51. Refer to area network.Depending on your PC’s environment, you The network user ID and password will may need to enter a network user ID and the. Your instant Queue also appears on your TV via your player, so your selections are available to watch anytime. TV episodes, you can browse and watch them on your TV. Activating your player For questions regarding the Vudu. TV episodes from CinemaNow streamed over the internet to your TV via your LG Blu-ray disc Video Quality Internet Bandwidth player. You can then words up to 128 characters.You need to log into your account.Blu-ray disc player.Press the buttons with the required letter once, 1. Follow the instructions to become a member. The launch screen has several menu selections.The Search feature will also help the user to save searches in order to search without retyping their query each time. At any point in navigation, user can access a Help screen. If you need to ship the unit, for maximum protection, re-pack the unit as it was originally packed at the factory. Keeping the exterior surfaces clean Never stick paper or tape on the disc. To obtain the latest software for this player (if updates have been made), please visit or contact LG Electronics customer care center.If your TV is listed in the table below, set the appropriate manufacturer code. 1. Area Code Area Code Area Code Area Code Afghanistan Fiji Monaco Singapore Argentina Finland Mongolia Slovak Republic Australia France Morocco Slovenia Austria Germany Nepal South Africa Belgium Great Britain Netherlands South Korea Bhutan.http://lorione.com/userfiles/itronix-gobook-ii-user-manual.xml

Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Afar 6565 French 7082 Lithuanian 7684 Sindhi 8368 Afrikaans 6570 Frisian. Press blue (B) colored button to start the update procedure.Refer to “Customer Support” on home network condition) page 99. Additional On the LG products, an innovative power information may be obtained from MPEG LA, LLC.The Network. Limited Warranty - USA This LG Electronics product, will be repaired or replaced, at LG’s option, if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship, under normal use, during the warranty period (“Warranty Period”) listed below, eff ective from the date (“Date of Purchase”) of original consumer purchase of the product. Page Count: 108 Life's GoodHome Theater System. PleaseDiscInformationInformation. SafetyConnectionsYou carl enjoy tile sound of your portableConnection. Connect the headphones (or line out )jack ofYou carl enjoy the sound of your componentYou carl also use F button on tile front panel toConnect tile analog audio output jacks of. You carl also use F button on the front panel toPlayer. Red. White. To the audio outputYou carl enjoy the sound of your componentConnect the optical output jack of yourOr press. OPTICALto select directly.Con nect the HDMI OUTjack of yourYou can also use F button on the front panel toYou carl also use F button on tile front panel toTo the HDMI OUT jackTo the digitalConnecting to your. Home Network. Router. This player carl be connectedBy corlnectingWiredUsing a wired network provides the bestPleaserefer to the documentation for yourConnect tile player'sLAN port to theIn the example configuration for wiredWired. Network. Setup. Before setting the wired network, you need toIf there is a DHCPserveron tile local areaAfter making tile physical connection, a smallThe new connection setting resetstheWireless. Wireless. Communication. ConnectionAnother corlrlection option is to use an Access. Point or a wireless router.

In the exampleTile network configuration and connectionBroadband. Service. This player is equipped with an IEEE802.11nAvailable WiFi standards:Refer to tile setup instructionsWireless. Before setting the wireless network, you needFor the wireless network corlnection, theIf you have security on your accesspointWPA key that was entered into the playerYou need to input the security code asCheck your router settings through yourSSID,or manually enter theConfigurationYou do not need to know the access pointThe player will askyou to test the networkConnection. Many network corlnection problems duringDepending on the internet service providerFor details,Our company is not responsible forThe features of BD-ROMdiscs madeConnection may not be compatible withSome intemet contents may require a. Evenif the player is properly connected andSome intemet corlrlection operations mayAny fees charged by an ISPincluding,A 10 Base-Tor 100 Base-TXLAN port isIfyour internet service does not allow forYou must use a Router to use xDSLservice. A DSLmodem is required to use DSLserviceIn some instances, placing the access pointMove closer to tile accesspoint if possibleThe reception quality over wireless dependsSet your access point or wireless router to. Infrastructure mode. Ad-hoc mode is notThe wireless network operate at 2.4 GHzTurn offall unused network equipment inSome devicesUSB deviceYou carl check tile space of the USBdeviceThis player carl play movie, music and photoAnd withdraw the. USBdevice carefully.When you connect the USBdevice onFile loading may takes few minutes dependingSettings. AdjustSetup. Settings. You carl change tile settings of tile player inTV Aspect Ratio. Select aTV aspect ratio option according toSelect when a standard 4:3 TV is connected. Displays theatricalSelectwhen a standard 4:3 TV is connected. Displays pictures cropped to fill your TVSelectwhen a 16:9wide TVis connected. Tile 4:3 picture is displayed with an originalSelectwhen a 16:9wide TVis connected.

Tile 4:3 picture is adjusted horizontally (in aDisplayWhen tile resolution is set to 1080p,select. Resolution. Setsthe output resolution of tile ComponentReferto page 25 andIf tile HDMI OUTjack is connected to. TVsproviding display information (EDID),COMPONENTVIDEOOUT is only connected,Outputs 1080 lines of progressive video. Outputs 1080 lines of interlaced video. Outputs 720 linesof progressive video. Outputs 480 linesof progressive video.Selectthe type of output from tile HDMI. OUT jack. For this setting, please referto theSelect when connecting to a HDMI displaySelect when connecting to a DVI(RGB)Outputs 480 linesof interlaced video.Display. Speaker. MenuDisc. Disc. Subtitle. Select the language. Menu. Toobtain the best possible sound, use tileRefersto the original language in which thePressENTERto select another language. UseTurn off Subtitle. Select a speaker that you want to adjust. Adjust the outputAdiust the distance betweenThe speakers will emit a test tone. Confirms the setting. Cancels the setting.Sometimes Digital TVencounters a delayIf this happensMenuIf you have not entered a password yet, you arePassword. You carl create or change tile password. Enter a 4-digit password twice, and press. ENTERto create a new password. The delay will vary depending on which digital. TVchannel you are on. If you change channelDRC (Dynamic. Enter tile current password and press. ENTER.Enter a 4-digit password twice, andRange Control). When a content encoded in Dolby Digital or. Dolby Digital Plusis playing back, you mayDVD Rating. Area Code. Blocksplayback of rated DVD based on theirEnter the code of tile area whose standardsRating one (1) has tile most restrictionsIfyou select this, parental control is notBD Rating. Set an age limit of BD-ROMplay. Use numberAll BD-ROM carl be played.NetCast features. Connection. Setting. Ifyour home network environment is readyConnection. Prohibits play of BD-ROM withMenu. Status.

If you want to check tile network status onYou carl restrict Intemet accesswhen BD-LIVEIntemet access is permitted for all BD-LIVEIntemet access is permitted only for BDLIVEcontents which have content ownerOnline functions are prohibited for all BDLIVEcontents without a certificate. Intemet access is prohibitedDivX VODDivX Certified device that plays DivX video. Visit www.divx.com for more information andABOUT DIVXVIDEO-ON-DEMAND:This DivXTo generate the registration code, locate the. DivX VOD section in tile device setup menu. Go to vod.divx.com with tills code to completeDivX VOD.Netflix. Display its unique Netflix ESN(Electronic. SerialNumber) that allows you to use tile. Netflix streaming. Displaysthe registration code of your player. Deactivate your player and display tileDeactivates your player. To activate tile. Netflix again, see page 68. Deactivate. Vudu. You carl deactivate your player from yourVuduAuto Power Off. Software. Tile screen saver appears when you leaveSaveris displayed for 25 minutes.Initialize. Information. Displays tile current software version. Update. You carl update the software by cormectingDisclaimer. Factory Set. You carl reset the player to its original. Notice. PressENTERto view the notice of Network. Service Disclaimer on page 103.Initializes the BD contents from theSound. EffectYou carl select a suitable sound mode. Press. SOUND EFFECTrepeatedly until the desiredTVscreen.Tile displayed items for tile equalizerTills mode is available only to 2 channelGeneral. PlaybackPlaying. DiscsFor tile most Audio CD,BD-EOM and. DVD-ROMdiscs, playback startsTo stop playback. UsingTo pause playback. To display the disc menu. PressII (PAUSE)while playback. Tile menu screen may be displayed first afterTo playframe-by-frame. PressII(PAUSE)while movie playback. PressII (PAUSE)repeatedly to play Frame-byFrame playback.To display. To scan forward or backwardYou carl change the various playback speeds.

To slow downPop-upSome BD-ROM discs contain Pop-up menuResumeThe unit will clear the stopped point.Advanced. Playback. RepeatingThis player carl repeat a portion you haveRepeat. PlaybackYour selected portionA- - Selected portion will be repeatedChapter -The current chapter will beWhile playback, pressREPEATTo return to normal playback, pressREPEAT. Title -The current title will be playedTo return to normal playback, press REPEATTrack -The current track or file will beAll- All the tracks or files will be playedTo return to normal playback, press CLEAR. Marker. Search. You carl start playback from up to nineTo enter a markerTo recall a marked sceneTo delete a Marker. To startUsing search menu, you carl easyto find theTo searchChangingViewingThe player carl display the content information. MethodTile file information appears on the screen. While movie playback, you carl display the fileLast. Scene. Memory. Tills unit memorizes tile last scenefrom theTile last scene remainsIf you load a discMethodOn-ScreenYou carl display and adjust various informationDisplayingMovie Information - Selectthis optionAudio - Selected audio language orSubtitle - Selected subtitleTV Aspect Ratio - Selected aTVaspect. Ratio. Picture Mode - Selected picture modePlayingTile time search box shows tile elapsedFor example, to find a scene at 2 hours, 10. Press to skip the playback 60 secondsSelectingDJ II:\vL?IIDIIHearingWatchingChangingPictureIf the disc contains scenesrecorded at differentSetting. ChangingRatio. You carl change the TVaspect ratio settingEnjoyingBONUSVIEW(BD-ROMversion 2 Profile 1.

Secondaryvideo and audio carl be played fromDepending on a disc,the BD-LIVEThe operations are differ depending on theIn addition to tile BONUSVIEWfunction, BDVideo supporting BD-LIVE(BD-ROMversionA USB storage device is needed toYou carl play DVD-RWdiscs that are recordedSelectingChangingIfa movie file name and the subtitle fileIf the subtitle is not displayed properly, YouIf the subtitle file name is different with theViewingTo stop a slide show. To pause a slide show. PressII (PAUSE)while slide show. To skip to theWhile viewing a photo in full screen, press to go to tile previous or next photo.ENTERto view the photo.OptionsYou carl use various options during viewing aListeningYou carl display photo files while listening toMusic Select - Selectthe backgroundMusic -Press ENTERto start or pauseRotate - PressENTERto rotate tile photoEffect - Use to select a transitionSpeed - Use to select a delayingListeningDevice that you carl select are differThe player carl play Audio CDsand music files. Disc, USBShare Folder onDLNA server. DLNA serverWhen you connect up to two devices,itAudio CD Recording. You carl record one desired track or all of theCD on tile disc tray. If you want to create a new folder, useEnter a folder name using virtual keyboard,You carl record all musics in tile audio CD.Repeat this step to select tracks as marly asENTERto start Audio CD recording. If you want to stop in progressing AudioRepeat this step to select tracks as marly asSelectall the tracks on an AudioCancels tile recording andDatabase. ViewingGracenote. Media Database. Tile player carl accessto the Gracenote Media. Databaseand loads the music information soAudioMusic fileTile player accessesto Gracenote Media. Databasefor the music information.Playing the iPod. You carl enjoy the sound with your iPod.ForGuide. Preparation.

To view iPod'sVideos and Photos on theTVFor details about Video Settings, refer toYou have toWhen you connect the iPod on the HOMEOr a menu for the file type selection willENTERto play the file. EnjoyingI.Connect the iPod firmly. If you con netted the other deviceENTERto play.Before connecting the iPod,turn this unitI. Connect tile iPod firmly. To open tile iPod Dock, pull iPod dock. You carl search easilya content by powerPower scrollEnjoyingYou carl operate your iPod by using tileIfyou turn this unit on, your iPod isStarts playback tile music orFast-forward or rewind a songToselect a desired repeatRadio Operations. DeletingPressand hold CLEARfor two seconds. PressCLEARagain. Then all the saved stations are deleted. Besure that both antennas are connected.Improving. ListeningAdjust the volumeFM receptionThis will changeStations. You carl preset 50 stations for FM and AM(MW). Beforetuning, make sure that you haveturnedAM) appears in the display window. Selectthe desired frequency by using. PressENTERa preset number will flash inPlayingAccessingI. Check the network corlrlection and settingsThe play carl browse and play contentAboutConsumer Electronics). Tile Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)The DLNAcertification logo makes it easyInteroperability Guidelines.This unit compliesWhen a PCrurlrling DLNA serversoftware orPleasereferENTER to play tile file.About. Nero. MediaHomeNero MediaHome 4 Essentialsis a software forInstalling Nero MediaHome. EssentialsEssentials,check the system requirementHard drive space:200 MB hard drive spaceMemory: 256 MB RAMGraphics card with at least 32 MB videoThis parts explains the procedure for selectingStart up your computer, and insert tile Nero. MediaHome 4 EssentialsCD-ROMinto yourAn installationNero MediaHome 4 Essentials,proceed asClose all Microsoft Windows programs andInsert the Nero MediaHomeCD-EOM into your computer'sOn your computer, you must share the folder.

Network environment: 100 Mb Ethernet,Ifyou want to take part in the anonymousPC requirements. If you want to rescanavailable mediaENTERto play tile file.Entering a networkDepending on your PC'serwironment, youTile network user ID and password willIf you do not wantTo enter a letter with an accent mark, selectDISPLAY(D) to display the extendedYou carl instantly watch movies (very few newActivatingCinemaNow-. YouTube - Seepages 78-81. To watch movies and TV episodes instantlyIf you are already a memberNetflix - Seepages 68-70You must activate your player before you carlINTERNETfrom Netflix.On your computer, visit. See pages 74-77. Follow the instructionsPandora - Seepages 81-84. Picasa Web Albums - Seepages 84-87NetCast, pressblue (B)colored button to goThe activation code appears on the screen. Note tile activation code.Netflix web siteYour instant Queue also appears on yourTV viaYou need to log into your account. You need to log into your account.After you activate your player,you're ready. Queue. Youcarl then use your player'sQueue.Filling your instant Queue from yourWatch NetflixTVepisodes, you carl browse and watch themStarts playing back the movie.To resume playing a paused. Stops tile movie and displaysTo scan forward one frame at aPausesplaying the movie andTo play the highlighted scene. To resume playing from theIf you already have aVudu account, enter. TVepisodes from VUDU streamed over theActivatingYou must activate your player before usingAn e-mail will be sent to your e-mailURL in tile e-mail to activate VUDU.Vudu. Home menu. After activating your player,you're ready to useMost WatchedNew on Vudu - Displays newly availableNewTrailerstrailers. Explore. Displays newly available movie. Vu. CatalogMyVuduControls. Vudu has a flexible parental control featureOverscan.

MostTVsshift tile edges of tile televisionYou will use tile remoteIf it is tile first time to use parental controls,Once you haveopted to receive tile AVNRentingAfter activating your player, you are ready toTo resume playing. Stops tile movie and displaysScansforward or backwardTo return to tile normalCinemaNow. CinTVepisodes from CinemaNow streamed overActivatingYou must activate your player before usingIf you are not a member of CinemaNow yet,Information, Gift Code Redemption and. Adult Access Restrictions,and then clickAboutAfter activating your player,you're ready to useMovies -Tile movie list appears on tileTV Shows -TheTV show list appears on tileMy videos screen iswhere you carl get accessList.Youcarl buy, rent or remove videos fromSettings - Youcarl activate or de-activate the. CinemaNow Service from your player.YoucarlSearchingYou carl search for videos by entering searchWhen you entering tile characters,titlesAfter activating your player, you are ready toSelecta video you want to buy or rent fromStarts playing back the movie.To resume playing a paused. Stops the movie and displaysScans forward or backwardYouTube. About the YouTubeThere are various options on the YouTubeBlu-raydisc player. Featured -The featured videos list will beWatch. Most Viewed -The most viewed videos listRecent Videos -The most recently updatedTop Rated - Tile best rated videos list from. YouTube server will be displayed. The periodHistory -The videos list that you previouslyMaximum of 25 videos carl be stored. Favorites -This option will be appeared onlyDisplaystheSome videos mayStopsthe video and displaysSign in (Sign Out) - Displaysthe virtualLocal site - Choose which country's videosOn the virtual keyboard, there are two inputKeyboard. ModePress CLEAR to clear all entered characters. To enter a letter with an accent mark:French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish. Polishand Czech.Keypad. Mode. Searching.

This mode allows you to enter letters byPressthe buttons with the required letter once,You carl search for videos by entering searchChange the character set ofSign in with your YouTubeEnjoyingPandoraWhen you finish enteringYou carl instantly listen to personalized radioPandora via your LG Blu-ray Disc player.Pandora radio. You must activate your player before using theSelecta stored user name on the list and pressYour station list appears on the screen. Adding multiplePandora userYou carl add more than one PandorauserEveryone in yourSelect a stored user name on the list andCreatingYou carl create stations by entering yourAfter entering, PandoraVirtual keyboard screen appears on tileIlorl. Pausea music while it isSkips to tile next song.S. If you want to delete the station from theUsing the station screen. Picasa. WebAlbums. OPicasaEnioy photo albums from friends and family onTells Pandora that you like tilePandorawill immediately skipExcludesthe selected songBookmarks the currentlyStops tile slide show andAlbums menu.OptionsYou carl use various options during viewing aAboutThere are various options on tile Picasa WebNetCast Friends - Listof your friends will beAdd to Netcast Friends List- Add theSearch - Enter a search word to find relatedEffect - Use to select a transitionSpeed - Use to select a delayingAlbums server with your account. This optionSign in (Sign Out) - Displays the virtualAdding friendsSearching photos. You carl enter a search word to find relatedEnter a name using tile virtual keyboard.Todisplay photos in your web album on tileWeb Albums account.Your web album is appeared on tile screen.Selecta stored user name on the list and pressSeeonqine local and global weather forcastsViewing weather information. The city selection menu appears on thePressred (R)colored button to toggleSelecta region, country and city using. Repeats step 2-3 to add up to 5 cities.This step works only when you add moreNotes. HandlingDiscs. Handling.

When shippingPleasesave the original shipping carton andNever stick paper or tape on the disc. Storing. Do not use volatile liquids such asDiscs. After playing, store the disc in its case.Do notCleaning. Keeping the exterior surfacesclean. Discs. Wiping with strong pressure may damageDo not leave rubber or plastic products inCleaningMaintainingTile unit is a high-tech, precision device. IfGeneral. The Power does not turned. Plug the power cord into tile wall outlet securely.Insert a playable disc. (Check the disc type, color system,andPlacethe disc with the playback side down. Placethe disc on tile disc tray correctly inside tile guide. Clean the disc. Cancel the rating function or change the rating level. The angle cannot beMulti-angles are not recorded on tile DVD Video beingTile subtitle languageSubtitles are not recorded on the DVDVideo being played. The files are not recorded in a format that the unit carl play. Tile remote control does. Tile remote control is not pointed at the remote sensor ofThe unit does not support tile codec of tile movie file. The remote control is too far from tile unit.Selecttile appropriate video input mode on the TVso theThere is no picture. Connect the video connection securely.YourTV may not support the resolution you have set on theThe player's HDMI OUTiack is connected to a DVIdevice thatPicture noise appears. Youare playing a disc recorded in a color system that isSet the resolution which your TV accepts. Sound. There is no sound ortheThe unit is in scan, slow motion, or pause mode. The sound volume is low. Check tile speakercable connection. (page 19). Check and re-connect the wireless speakers.(page 19)Network. BD-LIVE feature does notTile connected USBstorage may not haveenough space. Connect the USBstorage with at least 1GBfree space. Ensurethat tile unit is correctly connected to the local areaYour broadband speed may not fast enough to use tile BDLIVEfeatures.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)andYour broadband service speed may not be fast enough toStreaming video servicesShared folder or files fromThe firewall or antiwirus software on your media serverisCannot connect the playerThe wireless communication may be interrupted fromAccess point is not. The access point or wireless LAN router may not broadcastThe player is not connected to the local area network thatDesign and specificationsControllingYou carl control your TVusing tile buttonsYou carl operate your TV with the suppliedIf your TV is listed in the table below, set theTVwith the numerical buttons (seetheManufacturer. Code NumberZenithSonyTurn tile TV on or off. HitachiButtons --. By pressing. SettingSwitch tile TV'sinput sourceAdjust tile volume of theDepending on your TV,some or all buttonsAppendix. List. Choose an area code from this list. Area. Code. AF Fiji. FJ Monaco. MC SingaporeAustralia. AR Finland. AU France. FI Mongolia. FR Morocco. MN Slovak Republic. MA SloveniaAT Germany. DE Nepal. NP South AfricaBhutan. BE Great Britain. BT Greece. GB Netherlands. NL South KoreaGR Netherlands. GL Antilles. Cambodia. BR Hong Kong. KH Hungary. HK New Zealand. HU Nigeria. Spain. AN Sri Lanka. NZ SwedenCanada. CA India. Chile. CL Indonesia. China. CN Israel. Colombia. Congo. Costa Rica. CO Italy. CG Jamaica. CR Japan. CroatiaCode. Afghanistan. BrazilCzech Republic. HR Kenya. CZ Kuwait. Denmark.